Idaho Freedom PAC releases full endorsement list ahead of May 2024 Republican Primary Election 

Idaho Freedom PAC
April 25, 2024

Idaho Freedom PAC is pleased to announce final endorsements ahead of the May 21, 2024 Republican Primary Election. Idaho voters have a serious challenge. The Republican brand has been co-opted by Democrats and progressives. They claim conservative values in order to fool voters, but promote a liberal and/or big business agenda once in office. The mission of the Idaho Freedom PAC is to help voters determine which candidates are genuine, liberty-loving conservatives – worthy of the Republican brand – and which ones aren’t.

Idaho Freedom PAC believes 53 candidates are worthy of voters’ support at the ballot box on May 21st. 

“This is a critical moment in time for Idaho voters, and we need to get this right,” Chairman Ryan Spoon said Thursday morning. 

He added, “Special interest groups and dishonest politicians are desperately trying to dupe voters ahead of this election. The Idaho Freedom PAC endorsements serve as a political compass in a sea of disinformation, deception, and outright lies.”

Here are some highlights from the new crop of endorsed candidates: 

  • Bryan Smith in District 32 is worthy of voters’ support in his Eastern Idaho race. For too long, Rep. Wendy Horman has posed as a conservative while working to grow the government at every opportunity she gets. In fact, as a member of the budget committee, Horman has helped more than double the size of state government in 12 years. Smith is the real conservative choice in that race.
  • Kyle Harris is the pick to replace Rep. Mike Kingsley. Conservative activists who were excited  about Kingsley found themselves disappointed after he came into office. They now support Harris. Only Harris has promise and the backing of credible conservatives. 
  • Rep. Megan Blanksma is among the phoniest Republicans now serving in the legislature and District 8 voters desperately need someone to faithfully represent them. Blanksma regularly votes for bigger government, and even voted to protect welfare payments for illegal immigrants this year. She needs to lose her seat. Faye Thompson has actual, conservative bona fides and is therefore the easy choice to replace Blanksma.
  • Brenda Bourn is the real deal, and worthy of support in Meridian’s District 21 Senate race. The incumbent, liberal Sen. Treg Bernt, supported sex-change operations for youth, voted to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and opposed properly defining gender in state law. Bernt, a good friend of former Boise City Council Member and race-baiter Lisa Sanchez, is a woke Democrat in a Republican’s clothing. It is time to show him the door. 

“In this time of coordinated confusion, voters can be confident Idaho Freedom PAC-backed candidates will work for limited government, do everything in their power to stop the illegal alien invasion, and end the woke culture creeping into the state government and schools,” Spoon concluded. 

To view and print Idaho Freedom PAC’s endorsement list for the May 2024 GOP primary, click here

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