Idaho Freedom PAC endorses slate of solid conservatives, including Lenney, Zito, Herndon, Hanks, and others

Idaho Freedom PAC
October 2, 2023

BOISE, ID – Six conservative candidates for the state Legislature earned the first set of endorsements from Idaho Freedom PAC, an organization focused on liberty-oriented causes and candidates. 

“When making our endorsements, we look for incumbents with strong conservative voting records and newcomers who have indicated an unswerving commitment to free markets, limited government, and constitutionally-protected rights,’ said Idaho Freedom PAC Chairwoman Tina Deboer. “These candidates are men and women who will stick to conservative principles and won’t be swayed by special interest or media pressure. Some have proven track records, while others have shown exceeding promise during the vetting process. “

Deboer continued, “This election is setting up to be a clash between leftist Republicans and proven conservative Republicans committed to defending liberty” 

The list of endorsed candidates is as follows: 

  • Christy Zito, Senate, District 8 – Zito is a  staunch defender of the Second Amendment and a champion of individual liberty. Her prior experience as a state senator and her dedication make her a standout candidate to win in 2024. During her first stint in public office, she fearlessly stood up to special interests and pressure from legislative leadership. Her opponent,Geoff Schroeder, is particularly vulnerable because he regularly votes with leftist Democrats. 
  • Brian Lenney, District 13, Senate – In his first year in the Idaho Senate, Lenney proved himself to be an effective and persuasive advocate for limited government. He showed he will not be intimidated or scared by establishment attacks on his character. His opponent is former state Sen. Jeff Agenbroad, who never voted against bloated spending bills and supported leftist indoctrination programs on Idaho’s higher education campuses. He also blocked grocery tax repeal. 
  • Scott Herndon, District 1, Senate –  The people of North Idaho’s District 1 spent years represented by phony Republicans. That changed  when Scott Herndon took office in 2022.. Scott demonstrated his unique ability to be a happy warrior for liberty and persuade his colleagues to orient themselves on freedom. Herndon will face Jim Woodward, who, like Agenbroad, blocked grocery tax repeal and voted for big government spending, including at Idaho’s colleges and universities.
  • Rob Beiswenger, District 8, House Seat A – Beiswenger is a true champion of conservative values, which makes him a polar opposite to the incumbent, Rep. Matt Bundy. Where Beiswenger supports life, liberty, and property rights, Bundy showed he’s a big-spending friend of the left. Nowhere else was this more evident than his vote to allow Idaho youth to undergo brutal gender transition surgeries. 
  • Brandon Shippy, District 9, Senate – District 9 residents have provided Shippy with unprecedented financial support since he announced his Senate run. It’s easy to understand why. He is a rock for liberty, unmoved by the trendy political movements of the day. His opponent, Sen. Abby Lee, has a miserable voting record which includes support for  allowing transgender surgeries for Idaho youth. She also voted to create a Biden-style free college program. 
  • Karey Hanks, District 31, Seat B – District 31 is represented by three special interest-backed Republicans who regularly voted to grow spending and increase government regulations. Hanks, in her prior terms in office, proved herself as a reliable vote for liberty and limited government. Her opponent, Rep. Rod Furniss, is a big spender who has been endorsed in prior elections by leftist groups like the Idaho 97%. 

Idaho Freedom PAC will release its next slate of endorsed candidates on November 1, 2023. If you’re a candidate interested in securing the Idaho Freedom PAC endorsement in your race, please email [email protected].

Idaho Freedom PAC
750 W. Bannock, Box 346
Boise, Idaho 83701
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