Idaho Freedom PAC endorses Christy Zito for District 8 Senate seat

Idaho Freedom PAC
May 12, 2023

Boise, ID–Idaho Freedom PAC announced its endorsement of former Idaho state Sen. Christy Zito Friday, just days after she made public her plans to run for the Republican nomination for the District 8 Senate seat in 2024. 

“Christy Zito is a proven defender of liberty and constitutional principles. She’s the polar opposite of Geoff Schroeder, a pro-abortion socialist and an atheist who voted consistently with leftist Democrats during his first months in office,” said Idaho Freedom PAC Chair Tina DeBoer. 

Zito served six years in the Legislature before her 2022 departure and worked with her colleagues to pass pro-gun legislation. Zito also served as a leading voice against Gov. Brad Little’s lockdown order and draconian restrictions on businesses and churches, among other things. 

Zito scored well above 90% on the Freedom Index during her time in the Legislature. Schroeder, on the other hand, earned an embarrassing 44% on the 2023 Freedom Index, which places him just a few points above Boise Democrats on the scorecard. The incumbent is a big spender, too. He earned 6.1% on the 2023 Spending Index. That means he rubber-stamped adding hundreds of millions in new government spending. 

The incumbent voted against getting obscene materials away from children in our public schools and libraries, voted against stopping gender mutilation surgeries for minors, and voted in favor of more spending for woke programs at our public colleges and universities. His record reflects his real perspective as a leftist Democrat, not a conservative Republican state senator.

“Geoff Schroeder views conservatives with disdain and contempt. He has no business being in the Legislature,” said DeBoer. “Christy Zito served her district with distinction, and we need her back in the state Senate.” 

Idaho Freedom PAC, formed in 2021, is a leader in ousting Big Government liberals from state government. Visit to find out which lawmakers deserve to be elected in 2024.

Idaho Freedom PAC
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